10 Mind Boggling Kitchen Gadgets You’ve Never Seen Before. #6 Has To Be The Best.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but do we have the coolest gadgets to complement our awesome cooking skills?  Most likely not.  From coasters that add a sparkle to your kitchen utensils to beautifully crafted bowls with an artsy touch of design, there are tons of such extraordinary gadgets which can make your kitchen look way more interesting than what it may look like now.  You may be surprised at what there is available these days.  Here’s a look into 10 such phenomenal kitchen gadgets that you may not have heard of or seen before.  #6 has to be my favorite pick out of the bunch.

1. Giant Silver Spoon

Your friends will be amazed when they walk in and see the likes of these huge utensils.  You may not ever need to use these, but when they are needed you will have them ready for action! via: TheGadgetFlow


2. Star Trek Pizza Cutter

This Star Trek Pizza Cutter looks like the Starship Enterprise. Make yourself James Tiberious Kirk, commanding the pizza cutter past the crispy edge and into a brave new world filled with your favorite cheese-filled goodness. via: TheGadgetFlow 


3. Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar

A cookie jar is awesome, but how about a star wars cookie jar?  I’ve never seen something like this, but it actually does exist.  via: TheGadgetFlow


4. Cricut Cake Decorating Machine

I had no clue this even existed, but its specifically designed for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and confections in no time at all. It’s all a matter of the digital world, simply choose a shape, a size, and press the CUT button and your done! via: TheGadgetFlow


5. Star Wars Cupcake Stencil Set

Ever wondered how people create amazing looking cupcakes with designs on them?  Don’t worry, you have found the reason.  They are using these special stencils to give their cupcakes a unique look.  You can also do the same.  via: TheGadgetFlow


6. Electric Peanut Butter Maker 

I had no clue that this was possible, but you can actually buy a portable peanut butter maker!  The Nostalgia Electrics NBM400 Electric Nut Butter Maker whips up fresh peanut butter like never before.  via: TheGadgetFlow


7. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Say NO to sharing with this incredible new invention.  This has to be the funniest kitchen gadget I have seen.  With this Ben & Jerrys ice cream lock, you can keep your ice cream secure, while preserving a sense of humor in the kitchen.  via: TheGadgetFlow


8. One Eye Minion Dunk Mug

Milk, Minions, and cookies are great, but someone has thought up a way to combine these to awesome things into one mug!  Don’t forget the cookie without the milk and drink on with this unique piece of kitchen gadgetry.  via: TheGadgetFlow


9. Star Wars Storm Trooper Spatula

Are you a flipping awesome cook?  This spatula will give you the style and confidence you need while you flip those pancakes for breakfast!  via: TheGadgetFlow


10. Keyboard Coffee Cups

Here’s another cool way to drink your milk in the morning.  If you’re a tech fan, or love typing, you can express your love with this weird and wacky set of keyboard style mugs. via: TheGadgetFlow


Liked any of these cool kitchen gadgets?  

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