11 People & 1 Dog Who Battled Cancer and Won! These Inspiring Heroes Made Me Cry.

There is no feeling in the world like learning you fought cancer and came out victorious, cancer-free. A clean bill of health, another shot at life, and the joy that you can enjoy life for years to come. There is nothing material that can compare to that kind of freedom! Here are 11 people and 1 dog that fought cancer and beat it – heroes in my book.

Yes you did buddy!  kicked-cancer

Pretty in pink on Day 100 of being completely cancer-free :)


This was the day she was officially cancer free – A day to definitely celebrate :)


You’re a Champ in my book!


God’s got this!


This is Levi, the lab who defeated cancer too!


A survivor and a hero with an adorable smile :)


And here’s to another 10, 20, 40 and more years to come :)


Yes! Good for you :)


This guy gave his dog, Danger, a bear-hug on his 3 year anniversary of being cancer free.


No, thank YOU for giving all of us hope :)


Credit goes to ViralNova.com

If you haven’t noticed, there is online buzz about “No Makeup Selfies” to raise money for cancer awareness and research. Share this with others to show the world that cancer can be beaten. These 12 inspiring heroes are living proof that there is hope! ( :

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