12 Worst Celeb Selfies! I Can’t Believe These Pictures, They’re So Embarrassing! #awkwardd #especially10

Looks like somebody had too much fun on Selfie Sunday. Seriously, some of these are #ridiculous.

1. Miley Cyrus

It’s well know Miley will take a tongue selfie anyhow, anywhere, in anything (or…not in anything). This pic of her licking a moon man statue is currently winning top embarrassing Miley moment of 2014. Good job, Miley. #likeshe’dcare#honeybadgerdon’tcare


2. Kim Kardashian

Yup, Kim loves being in the spotlight. Sun pun intended. #oops #sorrynotsorry
But seriously, this must be one of her most embarrassing selfies. Don’t forget sunscreen?


3. Justin Bieber

Huh. Pretty sure we don’t need to see up your nose, Biebs, we’re beliebers in your nose hairs. Don’t need to see ’em to believe ’em.


4. Madonna

In this super up-close and personal view of Madonna’s teeth, apparently she’s got a new grill. But this pic come more creepy than cool. #weird #ew #overit!


 5. Nicholas Cage

Poor Cage. Here he is, being kind enough to take a photo with a fan while traveling on an airplane. However, he looks half-drugged and completely out of it, which I’m sure did not help his image. Well, at least his fan looks happy.


6. Tyra Banks

Yikes. Even supermodels can take embarrassing selfies apparently. Unless she was going for the alien look. Which would have been spot on.


7. Amanda Bynes

We’ve all noticed Amanda Bynes changing up her look, but pretty sure all of us have noticed it’s not for the better. This selfie scares me, she looks like one of the dolls that come from horror movies, slowly blinking their eyes and then going in for the kill. #yikes


8. Brooklyn Decker

You know that weird Internet trend that had people posting double-chin (or triple or quadruple chin) selfies? Decker included – how many chins can you count?!


9. Katy Perry

This looks like it’s from one of her music videos, but no, it’s a real selfie. I don’t know whether to think that’s awesome or disgusting. #maybeboth


10. Jessica Simpson

Looks like she’s having an out of body experience. Why anyone would ever post a selfie like this, I don’t know.


11. James Franco

Maybe Simpson and Franco were sharing selfies back and forth while wearing masks. “Hey Jess, check mine out!”


12. Conan O’Brien

Ok, you gotta admit this one’s hilarious. Love their facial expressions. #priceless


Source via Celeb Answers

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