16 Cats That Tried On Their Humans Clothing And It Worked! The Results Are UNBELIEVABLE…

Some people say that pets look like their owners, so photographer Sebastian Magnani decided to demonstrate just how this ‘really’ looks in these creative images seen below.

This series called “Undercats” shows cat owners literally owning their cats! Magnani traveled to Switzerland for a week visiting numerous pets and their owners. Some of the participants included friends, strangers who contacted him about the project, and even his own father.  This is truly amazing!

cat-josianne_2961551k cat-caroline_2961553k    cat-natalie_2961549k cat-christoph_2961525k cat-daniela_2961474k cat-helen_2961524k cat-miriam_2961543k cat-elia_2961544k cat-mariette_2961523k cat-jan_2961483k cat-joana_2961536k cat-antonio_2961537k cat-ermano_2961482k cat-kathrin_2961478k cat-christoph_2961525k-1 cat-christian_2961554k

This is amazing, don’t forget to share Sebastian Magnani‘s incredible work with others below!

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