This Man Is Addicted To The Most Bizarre Thing Ever. Unfortunately His Cravings Will Never Stop.

30 year-old Pakkirappa Hunagundi from Western India has an addiction that can’t be stopped.  The sad part is Pakkirappa’s addicting behavior is real and not a made up joke!  He’s fully addicted to a substance that isn’t healthy at all and will cause him damage in the long run.  However he has lived with this intense addiction since the age of 10 and is still living today.

He gets constant pressure from his family to stop his addicting behaviors and get help, but Pakkirappa just can’t stop and won’t stop!  He continues to chew off hunks of rocks and savor their delicious flavor.  You’re teeth will hurt just seeing this…



Most doctors believe that this disorder is caused by a mineral deficiency found in the body.  This deficiency causes Pakkirappa to crave bricks, stones, rocks, and gravel.


His teeth are doing relatively fine and his body has adjusted as well as it can to Pakkirappa’s brick-eating habit.

chewing-on-a-brick brick-eater

The only profitable thing that Pakkirappa has done with his intense desire for tasty bricks is to showcase his talents in front of people in an attempt make a scanty income.  I’m not sure if this is horrifying or incredible, but at least Pakkirappa is crunching away with a smile!

chewing-on-bricks eating-a-brick

eating disorder

I can’t imagine eating this for any meal, but poor Pakkirappa can’t do anything about it.  He is addicted and desires no help.  He craves his daily meal of smashed dark rock, red brick, and granulated dirt.  As sad as it may seem, Pakkirappa continues to crunch away day after day.


Via: BuzzFeed — As strange and crazy as it might sound, this disorder called “Pica” is fairly normal for many.  In fact there are hundreds of brick-eating rock-adicted people living around the world!

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