All 23 Of These Bizarre Gif Images Are Ridiculously Gratifying. My Eyes Are Obsessed For Days.

The worst part about these intriguing gif images is that I just can’t stop watching them over and over.  I’m not sure if my eyes are obsessed, or if my brain is going crazy, but these are truly satisfying in a way I can’t explain with words!

Let your eyes feast upon these these bizarrely gratifying images.  Have you become addicted?

1.  Oh my bread, this is weird & amazing all at the same time!

satisfying gifs.gifsatisfying-gifs

2.  The paper airplane mill.


3.  My eyes refuse to look away from this perfect joint.


4.  Trampoline + Ice = Success!


5.  Can someone explain to me why I keep watching this?


6.  For some reason this is annoying and cool all at the same time. ugh!


7.  Now this is truly mesmerizing to the max!


8.  Bullet hitting a wall in slow motion.


9.  Reverse burning candle.  I promise you’ll watch this 3 times at least.


10.  My mind can’t even keep up with this one…


11.  Ohh how wonderful this truly is!


12.  Scrapping Ice cream has never been more fulfilling to watch.


12.  I was just forced to watch this 6 times and I didn’t even notice.  What is wrong with me?!?!?


13.  I would play frisbee with myself all day…


14.  For the love of backflips.

funny gif.gifsatisfying-gifs

15.  Welcome to pretzel amazement!

funny gif2.gifsatisfying-gifs

16.  These pop tarts will continue forever in my head.

funny gif3.gifsatisfying-gifs

17.  Here, let me toss you that concrete filled shovel…

funny gif4.gifsatisfying-gifs

18.  The one way to smack that!

funny gif5.gifsatisfying-gifs

19.  Ohh dear, this is satisfaction overload!

funny gif6.gifsatisfying-gifs

20.  When your view is abstracted use your fist.


21.  How can unscrewing a Pineapple be this amazing?  It just can!

satisfying gifs 4.gifsatisfying-gifs

22.  This is the best thing i’ve seen all day and I don’t even understand why.  Its just amazing.


Via: BuzzfeedIf these aren’t the most satisfying and ridiculously gratifying GIF’s you’ve ever seen then I don’t what is!

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