I’m Shocked By The First Photo… But It’s Nothing Compared With The Others. This Is Incredible.

Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova shoots some absolutely unbelievable photos of women in nature.  Forget everything you thought about traditional photography and immerse yourself in a completely surreal experience.  Katerina uses the contrast of powerful and magnificent animals with delicate figures of women to create a juxtaposed mix that you’ll never forget.  

If you thought this was Photoshop, you are wrong.  All these shots are staged, but completely real and the results are unbelievable.  You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about below.


The incredible level of contract and color combined with the intensity that only animals can give creates a one of a kind shot.


These juxtaposed photos show just how surreal a photo can become when putting two elements together; the strong and the delicate.

23-katerina-plotnikova-photography 22-katerina-plotnikova-photography 21-katerina-plotnikova-photography 20-katerina-plotnikova-photography 19-katerina-plotnikova-photography 18-katerina-plotnikova-photography 12-katerina-plotnikova-photography 11-katerina-plotnikova-photography 10-katerina-plotnikova-photography

The claws seen in this photo below express such an intense feeling when viewing the picture that the story nearly comes alive.


The allurement of the subject model is extracted within these pictures by using dangerous creatures to draw out your eye.  Amazing.

8-katerina-plotnikova-photography 7-katerina-plotnikova-photography 6-katerina-plotnikova-photography-15 5-katerina-plotnikova-photography 4-katerina-plotnikova-photography 3-katerina-plotnikova-photography 2-katerina-plotnikova-photography

Behind the set, you can see the methods used to capture these incredible shots.  These images are a work of art and nothing less.  Simply Stunning.


via: Bored Panda

Katerina’s work speaks for itself with the intense visual attraction that you are likely never to see from anyone else.  To share this incredible and surreal photography with others, click on the button below. ↓

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