At First Glance I Thought It Was A Tiny Mouse, But Then I Read The Whole Story And I’m In Tears…

Helping helpless animals have a chance in life always brings happiness, and these caring people living in Bali, Indonesia know just what this feels like!

This tiny little helpless animal showed its face on their doorstep and there was nothing else that could be done other then helping it!

These people have a heart of gold for taking in this frail and abandoned kitten!  See her story below:

At first it looked like a little mouse, but when they took a second look, it was an abandoned kitten, the only survivor of its litter!


After taking this little kitten in their hands, they knew it needed some love and care…


They immediately took this kitten in as their own and named it Lilu!


They made sure that it was ok by watching it closely and nursing it back to health each day…


They even took it with them for some ice cream!…


After it opened its eyes, it loved to play and hang out with the dog.

abandoned-kitten-rescue6 abandoned-kitten-rescue7

The little kitten needed a lot of attention including round the clock care and bottle feeding.


She was such a tinny little kitten…


She was also a strong little kitten and seemed ready to face anything!


They could tell that something was wrong with her, all the bottle feeding and food still didn’t seem to help.

abandoned-kitten-rescue13 abandoned-kitten-rescue9    abandoned-kitten-rescue10

But then one morning, they woke up and unfortunately found that she had peacefully passed away…


Source: The Paper Pegasus

Little Lilu unfortunately wasn’t strong enough to make it through and live another day, but she was given the best care possible. In her last days, she was comforted, cuddled, and tenderly fed. Lilu was the happiest tiny kitten she ever could be.

Rescuing very young kittens like Lilu is very risky and a big responsibility. Mortality rates of kittens in situation like these can be as high as 40%. Shayna and Brandon have such big hearts and we are so grateful they were able to be a loving home to Lilu, even though she wasn’t able to stay, we are blessed for knowing her story.

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