AWW-Alert! These Rescued Kittens Are Wrapped Up In Tiny Socks, But You Gotta See The Reason Why…

These two tiny kittens, named George and Elton, were found abandoned in an Osterley, London shed on August 1.

They were barely alive when discovered as rescuers rushed them to the RSPCA’s Putney Animal Hospital. A veterinary nurse Katrina Devita took the two baby felines into her home to nurture and hand-raise them.

george-elton-abandoned-kitties [Photo: RSPCA]

George and Elton had the habit of sucking on each other’s fur in their sleep, which would leave them sore in the morning. This type of behavior can be common with  in kittens who are weaned too early or abruptly, as orphaned kitties sadly are.Some cats continue suckling until adulthood.

In order to keep the kittens from being sore, vet nurses created these baby sock vests to protect their tiny bodies. This way, they aren’t too heavy and their delicate skin will be protected from irritation and infection.

abandoned-kitties-socks [Photo: RSPCA]

Sian Anderson, a clinical manager at the hospital, says:

We are seeing such a high number of kittens coming into our care, and we would like to urge people to remember to get their cats neutered to try and avoid unwanted litters of kittens. Hand-rearing is so time intensive and our staff are overwhelmed by the sheer number of cats and kittens that need our help.

In this year alone, the RSPCA has apparently taken in 14% more abandoned cats than in previous years.

Please consider adoption if you are ready to be a forever home and family to a new pet.

And for these handsome purr balls, George and Elton will be available for adoption soon and will be adopted out as brothers together. Our best wishes to them!

george-elton-abandoned-kitties-in-socks [Photos: RSPCA]

[Credit via Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo and]

These kittens are the cutest. We hope they get adopted out to a wonderful home! SHARE their story with your friends online if you agree!

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