This Adorable Owl Won’t Go Outside, Instead He Stays Indoors And Does The Chores. I Can’t Believe it!

Say hello to Bertie, a 3-year-old owl agoraphobic that might well be the cutest thing you will ever see!

Bertie lives with Peter Middleton in a cute little farmhouse.  Bertie enjoys sitting on top of a tea kettle after his baths to to dry his feathers as well as many other hootie activities.  When he’s not cleaning Peter’s hair, he might be hooting at visitors or happily sitting on the windowsill.

Three-year-old Towny Owl Bertie is agoraphobic, and doesn’t like going outside.  Instead he likes to stay with Peter as he goes about his daily tasks.  Bertie even loves to sit right on top of the water spigot next to Peter.  I can’t believe it!


Bertie hoots happily on the teapot as he watches his faithful and loving owner.


As you can see Bertie also enjoys the windowsill during dishwashing time.


If this isn’t the cutest little woot of a hoot you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is!


Bertie doesn’t like going outside, but he loves his daily bath and splash.


Bertie warms himself on the hot pad to dry himself after a refreshing bath.

0wl fantastic-owl

He doesn’t want to miss a thing!  In fact, he even enjoys distracting Peter by sitting on his head while his owner taps away on the iPad.


A little scratch here and there is much loved by little Bertie.

amazing-owl3 cute-owl-2

The loving companionship of these two are undeniable incredible!  I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this before in my life.


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