This Cat’s Evil Scheme Is Brilliant. You Will Never Believe His Hilarious Master Plan…LOL!

Yes, the Internet at large loves cats, but even then felines can get a bad rap. For example – black cats are supposedly bad luck, especially on Halloween. Of course, they’re not really evil…but perhaps this one is? Don’t worry, we still love this hilariously devious kitty.

This cat owner caught his furry friend batting his paw at the cork board. Amused, he brought out his camera. Just wait ’til you see this evil idea develop:

At first, the cat just seems curious. 


Obviously, that was his plan all along.

(via Reddit)

Muhaha! Next time you’re in a room with a cat, be warned. They may seem like furry fuzzballs of cuteness but inside they are brimming with evil brilliant plans to bring the human race to their knees.

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