You Thought You Were Getting Killer Deals At Costco… Just Wait Till You Read This!

We all love shopping at Costco!  The deals you find are great, however I bet you haven’t heard of the “Costco Price Tag Code”?  With this insider Price Tag info on how Costco sets their prices, you will have a lethal toolkit to get the best deals in Costco!


How can you trust that Costco is really giving you the best deals?  The dollars and cents are the key to unlock the best deals when shopping and Costco and you will find out why soon enough!

If you see a price that ends in $.99 it is much different than one ending in .97 or .49.  The difference is surprising and will unlock the key in for the best Costco deals ever.  This could save you and your friends a lot of money!

If Price tag ends in .99 — the product is at it’s full price


If you notice the price ends in .97 — this deal decided by the manager


Deals that are ending in $.97 are what you want to look for!  This means that the manger has made a new low price on the item and you most likely find it again.  If you want it at this price, a $.97 indicates that you may not see this price again.  Better grab it, because these can be some of the best deals marked down from the manager to move stock fast!

If the price is ending in .49 & .79 — this indicates a special by the manufacturer — see image below:


If its ending in $.49, or $.79, this means that the manufacturer is testing out their products at Costco for demand.  Costco usually would NOT sell the product this cheap in normally. Many times you can pickup the best deals by simply finding these secret price codes!

See the asterisk?  That means that the deal is discontinued.  You won’t see it again.


These deals can be especially good because Costco is no longer going to sell this product again.  This combined with a $.97 price point is another indicator that you are buying it at the cheapest price – unlike when it first hit the shelves.

This is the GOLD!  If the price ends in $.00 — this is the last time you may see it!


The price ending in $.00 indicates that Costco is trying to get rid of all of this asap.  You most likely won’t see this again because its the cheapest price you will ever find at Costco for that specific product!

BigBox retailers use price indexing as a internal system.  Thankfully someone leaked these and now you know!

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