Most People Would Stop, But This Man Keeps Going… What You See Will Amaze You.

Photographer Matt Emmett isn’t your normal photographer.  He specializes in finding abandoned places that have been forgotten.  The photography is amazing, but that isn’t all.

In many countries around the world, the abandoned and desolate places are locked down with signs that would stop most adventurers.  However this doesn’t stop Matt at all.  His appetite for these crazy shots overpowers the “No Trespassing” signs seen in most of these places.  Matt plunges forward and what you see below is simply stunning!

Ignoring the warning signs and exploring past can lead to some incredible findings.


A mix between a wasteland and a wonderland reveals itself as Matt’s explorations continue.


Matt-Emmett-Photo-5 Matt-Emmett-Photo-6

Sound and movement used to fill the empty spaces of these abandoned places, but now only the stationary beauty is seen.

Matt-Emmett-Photo--7 Matt-Emmett-Photo-8 Matt-Emmett-Photo--9 Matt-Emmett-Photo-10

The grandeur amid these astonishing structures is enough to entice even the most eager sole.

Matt-Emmett-Photo- Matt-Emmett-Photo-11

Many of these shots may appear to come straight of a sci-fi movie or video game, however they are the true reality of what once was.

Matt-Emmett-Photo-12 Matt-Emmett-Photo-13 Matt-Emmett-Photo-14 Matt-Emmett-Photo-15 Matt-Emmett-Photo-16 Matt-Emmett-Photo-17 Matt-Emmett-Photo-18 Matt-Emmett-Photo-19

Where factories once flourished with activity, only the empty remnants remain to be seen.

Matt-Emmett-Photo-20 Matt-Emmett-Photo-21

Most of us miss the true and immense depth of the past.  Matt however never misses a perfect opportunity to cross over the boarders of history and capture the abandoned places of this earth.  To view more amazing work by Matt, visit his Facebook page, Forgotten Heritage Photography.

Source: Matt Emmett

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