The Walk To This Destination Is Scary And Mind-Blowing All At The Same Time. This Is Insane!

This isn’t your average walk down the street.  It’s a journey that can be undertaken only by a winding trail mixed with thousands of steps and crazy terrain that you won’t ever believe actually exists!  You won’t believe your eyes!

I love extreme activities, but this is almost over the top!  You’ll see exactly what I mean when you see just how crazy it actually is.


At first you’ll be stepping your way up through a couple thousand stairs.  If you think this looks extreme at all, you’ll instantly change your mind when you see where these stairs lead.


You can expect to see some houses along one of the sets of stairs, but this isn’t the destination at all.  You’ve just begun!


These steep stairs are called “The Heavenly Stairs.”  This phenomenal staircase doesn’t lead to heaven but it will lead you through exactly 3,922 steps.  The next part of your hike isn’t so “heavenly”  In fact you might be scared to hell!


After another massive staircase, you have some time to catch your breath as you take a gondola to the next part of your journey.


Now that you relaxed in the gondola, its time to experience the hike of a lifetime!  This is where your journey continues.


If you think this looks a little scary, your absolutely right!  I’m terrified just writing this.  However there are some carefully placed boards and some chains to hang on to, so have nothing to worry about LOL.

Hua-Shan-china-6 Hua-Shan-china-7

Wait, I thought the boards were crazy enough?  Nope, your wrong!  Now you have to rely on footholds and more chains that you hope are attached correctly.  This is when I would turn around, but you can’t.  You have to keep going, this isn’t a 2 lane road.

Hua-Shan-china-8 Hua-Shan-china-9

If this isn’t literally “breathtaking” I don’t know what is?!

Hua-Shan-china-10 Hua-Shan-china-11 Hua-Shan-china-12 Hua-Shan-china-13

This may be frightening, but the view is incredible, however If you’re scared of heights you might not want to try out this hike.



This trail isn’t maintained well at all and in some places the boards have rotted and fell off.  The rusty remains are all you have to hold onto, but the good thing is you’ve almost arrived!

Hua-Shan-china-17 Hua-Shan-china-15    Hua-Shan-china-18

Source: — You’ve finally arrived.  The final destination of this insane trek isn’t just the incredible view, it’s a tea house.  The tea served here is believed to be the best in all China.  If it isn’t the tea you’re going for, maybe its the extreme adrenaline rush you get.  Either way, Mt. Hua Shan is more then a caffeine rush, its an amazing adventure I would love to take!  How about you?


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