Every Time They Play The Russian Anthem, This Cat Does Something Unexpected… I CAN’T Believe This!

This funny and bizarre home video has been going viral on the Internet as this charming cat has stolen the hearts of many. Margo, the comrade kitty, stands at attention when the chorus of the Russian anthem starts with “Russia, our sacred homeland. Russia, our beloved country”. Rearing on her hind legs and maintaining this rigid pose staring solemnly ahead, she stays like this throughout the song. 

The cat’s owner Oleg Bouboulin, 34, said: “I can only assume she’s been watching the parades out the window because we don’t have a TV. When I first heard the anthem on the radio and saw her at the same time I realised she really was standing to attention. I called my girlfriend on the phone and she didn’t believe me, then when she came home I played the anthem again on my mobile phone and she had to admit it was the truth.”

Watch what happens below:

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