Residents Realized Their Things Were Missing, So They Installed A Camera. Footage Showed Unusual Thief…

Residents in a San Mateo, California neighborhood kept noticing their things were stolen around nighttime. They decided to install a camera to figure out who this thief was. When they reviewed the tapes, everyone was shocked to find out the burglar was one of them!

No one knew what to do with this robber…

The tape revealed Dusty, the Klepto Kitty, was their catnapper.

Dusty’s owners’s, Jim Coleman and Jean Chu, show piles of things that their cat has brought on home over years of thievery.


Socks seem to be a Dusty’s favorite. This cat has stolen over 600 items. In one night’s escapade, he took 11  items from nearby homes.


Dusty thinks nighttime is the purrrfect time for some retail therapy. 


Cat experts believe Dusty’s hunting instinct has gone awry, causing him to hunt for people’s things instead.


Now that the neighborhood knows who their local nighttime burglar is, they keep an eye out for Dusty. No one plans on filing any police reports. 

Watch Dusty in action:

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