This Tenant Thought He Heard Pitiful Meowing Inside His Wall. You’ll Never Believe What He Found….

One apartment tenant swore he could hear meowing coming from the inside of one of his walls. The meows continued pitifully, almost begging for help. Determined to save whatever was inside making the noise, the resident contacted maintenance and managed to convince them to make a small hole in that wall. The crew was hesitant, but they decided to go ahead.

Phoebe the house cat peeks inside the wall to see… phoebe-house-cat-trapped-kittens
A little kitten! The poor guy desperately needed some TLC – even though he was scared, he scarfed down the wet food.
Another trapped kitten appeared as the hole was enlarged to rescue them one-by-one.  trapped-kittens-rescued-from-apartment-wall
It was clear that these two babies were orphaned and alone, completely vulnerable by themselves. The kittens were so grateful to be free from the wall and given food and water! two-kittens-rescued-from-apartment-wall
Soon they will be taken to the vet for a check-up.  two-kittens-rescued-from-inside-wall
They are already looking better, now that they are free and taken care of.  orphaned-kittens-rescued-from-wall

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