This Women Found An Abandoned Suitcase Outside Her Home, So She Opened It And Was Horrified!…

Sarah Mills, a resident of Southampton, England went outside to dump her trash in the dumpster and she heard a faint sound coming from a random object on her left… She walked over to check out what it was and she could distinguish it was crying.

She finally saw that it was a suitcase and when she opened it, 15 adorable black kittens came out.  As horrified as she was to see that someone would just dump kittens, thankfully she actually ran a animal shelter called “All Animal Rescue.”

She took these precious kittens that were just dumped on the side and brought them in to the shelter.

She noted that these kittens were likely only a month old and possibly from separate litters.  This is so sad, but I’m so glad they were rescued.  Check out the pictures below:


When they were rescued, they had the cat flu and eye infections and fleas…


With the help of the animal shelter, all of these kittens were treated and just see the end – they look so happy and cute : ) Little bundles of love.

She-found-abandoned-suitcase-kittens-4 She-found-abandoned-suitcase-kittens-3 She-found-abandoned-suitcase-kittens-6 She-found-abandoned-suitcase-kittens-7 She-found-abandoned-suitcase-kittens-5 She-found-abandoned-suitcase-kittens-8

(via Mirror / ViralNova)

Thankfully they were nursed back to health by the animal shelter, I’m so glad they made it alive and well in the end!

I can’t believe anyone could dump such precious bundles of love with such beautiful eyes — It’s hard to believe would do this…

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